Monday, January 24, 2011

It's that time again

There is something about the turning of a year that infuses life with Hope. Expectation. Purpose. It makes the probably impossible seem possible. In a flurry of lists and commitments we reinvent our lives. And sometimes, oh, sweet sometimes, the ideas that spin out of our brains swirl with such centrifugal force that some of them stick to the wall.

(I hope I didn't lose anybody with that paragraph.)

There is nothing quite like that blank slate feeling. It reaches every corner, every crevice of experience. And makes me think I will blog again.

It's a bit serendipitous, I think, that after the holidays, company, the resumption of school, and the flu x 3, I would finally sit down to blog exactly 1 year to the date from the last entry in Shades of Green. It would appear that I planned it that way but, if you can take my word for it, I didn't. I haven't kept track of the date at any point since January 1 except for Eleanor's birthday (Jan. 7).

So it is with great surprise and no small feeling of divine mandate that I make this entry in Shades of Green on January 24, 2011, though no one will know or read it on this date. That's okay. It is a Beginning Again, and as such, marks a small, purposeful step on my road to better things. There are already several Beginnings Again here on Eddings Hill. Time will be our judge.

There is a cherished family story that Ro-Bear has often related about his dad as a young boy. I will relate the story itself at a later time, but the point of it is summed up in this great nugget of wisdomly advice from the playground: Do it and then talk about it.

Well then, okay.


Ceridwen said...

I am so very, very happy that you are back.

elliebird said...

i read it the day you wrote it! just so you know...
i just didn't comment...duh.

rachel tsunami said...

You didn't comment. Does that mean I get to steal your lama's orange juice?