Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dalton is Thirteen!

I would like to commemorate this the 13th birthday of our third boy,
Dalton Mark Evan Green
(also known as hamandcheese)

He loves to laugh, tell jokes, and goof around.

He loves to whistle, he enjoys creating things. He loves to read.

He can make lots of silly and crazy faces.

We love him very much and are so happy and privileged that he is a part of our family.

Happy Birthday, Bubby!


rachel tsunami said...

aw, Gwen, how thoughtful of you....

Yes, it's been a momentous day. Celebration so far includes a movie night and two special request dinners. Before the week is out, I hope to grill the boy a man-sized steak. grrr.

And you know, I think I see a little extra maturity sneaking around the corner already.

Androphenese said...

hip hip hoorah!

Ceridwen said...

Wow! 13 already! Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Dalton, and many, many more!

Hair-Bo said...

Handsome devil.